Montpelier Primary School is closed until further notice

School is closed to everyone except vulnerable children, and those with a parent identified as a key worker. Please send all enquiries to Thank you.


Opportunities to sing and learn an instrument

Music has a strong profile in the school. A choir, ukulele and weekly singing are a regular feature, alongside individual and group tuition for the cello, violin, piano, guitar, clarinet, flute.


Music Lessons

Currently 150 children have access to weekly music tuition in flute, clarinet, guitar, violin, piano, cello, recorder and keyboard. Our children show high levels of interest and enthusiasm and we have opportunities to enjoy their progress during different events.

It would be fair to say that the administration team works very hard to enable the provision of lessons to run as smoothly as possible.

Our greatest challenges have been around unexpected cancellations and late or non-payment for lessons.
Consequently, there has been a financial shortfall that has had to be met by the school. Going forwards, we must ensure this unique level of provision can be sustained and therefore we have adopted the following arrangements.

• For those currently taking lessons, payments must be made in advance 
• Payment is non-refundable if a child chooses to give up an instrument or leaves the school (the tutors and lessons will already have been booked)
• Late payment may result in your child’s place being cancelled
• A FULL half term’s notice is required if your child chooses to stop taking lessons

As per our Charging and Remissions policy, lessons missed due to school trips, pupil sickness or any other reason, will not be re-arranged or refunded.

If your child wishes to take up an instrument please email with the instrument name and their name in the subject header.

Please note that lessons are only open to children in Y2 – Y6 and waiting lists are only open to children in these years.

Please refer to the below information for the cost of lessons:

Individual lessons with an Ealing Music Service tutor: £180.00 per term

Group lessons with an Ealing Music Service tutor: £45.63 per term

Individual lessons with a private tutor: This arrangement is between the tutor and parent

Instrument hire and payment is made directly with Ealing Music Service.