Montpelier Primary School is closed until further notice

School is closed to everyone except vulnerable children, and those with a parent identified as a key worker. Please send all enquiries to Thank you.

Head Teacher's Newsletter 29th November 2013Issue 5Download PDF

Fundraising and Thinking of Others

This month, children and families have made kind donations to the NSPCC and the Diasater Emergency Committee.

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Thank You To Parents and Carers

On behalf of the children and staff I would like to thank those parents and carers who either volunteer to help on a regular basis in the school or accompany us on a range of curriculum trips.

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Opportunities In School

Montpelier has developed strong links with community organisation over the past few years.

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During the past few days, our children have shown us what wonderful citizens of the future they are becoming. Across the school they have suggested and organised fundraising activities to raise money for the Phillipines Disaster Emergency Committee and integrated these into activities that are linked to the curriculum this term. For more information on this appeal, please go to