Montpelier Primary School is closed until further notice

School is closed to everyone except vulnerable children, and those with a parent identified as a key worker. Please send all enquiries to Thank you.

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Free Cycle Training Lessons at School!

Free cycle training lessons are available for Year 4, 5 & 6 in the Spring and Summer term. Professional cycling instructors from Cycle Training UK (CTUK) will be at the school to teach children to cycle safely and confidently on road.  Forms will be sent to Year 4, 5 & 6 parents/guardians to complete before the course commences. To sign up to the course children must be able to cycle without help (i.e. no stabilisers) and have a roadworthy bicycle and return a signed consent form to school before training begins.  

Adults and children (including complete beginners who would like to learn to ride a bicycle) can also get cycle lessons – for residents of Ealing these lessons are subsidised and may cost only £5. If you’d like to book a lesson for yourself, a younger child or friend, talk to one of the CTUK instructors after school or go to their website and click on their ‘Request a lesson’ button at the top. 

The first half of this half term draws to a close after yet another busy period for the school. We have finished showing around a large number of parents (nearly 200) , who are interested in a Reception place, whilst also helping children in Year 6 prepare for the final few months of their time here. This newsletter will give you a flavour of what has been happening in school but there is also a great deal of information on our Twitter account that I hope you are able to access. Please do ensure you look regularly at as this will give specific information about the curriculum and learning related to your own child. Wishing you all a restful and enjoyable half term break.