School will re-open to all year groups from Monday 8th March.

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In the vast majority of cases our parents and carers always ensure that children arrive at school on time. In a few instances however, the same children often arrive at school late far too frequently. Persistently arriving late disrupts morning lessons and is not helpful to either the child concerned or their classmates. Having reviewed punctuality during autumn term we will be inviting some parents and carers to meet and discuss how matters can be improved.

We also have a growing number of children who are frequently collected late at the end of the day. For ease, parents and carers should arrive at the school no later than 3:10pm in order to ensure that no child is left waiting. It is always the case that not every junior class will arrive in the playground at precisely 3:15pm as this physically impossible. However, it is extremely helpful if parents and carers are available from 3:10pm onwards. Last term a few after-school meetings and events were either cancelled or delayed because children had not been collected on time. Most importantly, children do not like being left at the end of the school day and often tell us that it can make them feel sad.