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The PTA Summer Fete

The PTA Summer Fete remains the highlight of the school calendar. Along with other events such as the food fair, the disco, the quiz night, pizza and cake sales, calendars and support for school events, those involved in the PTA perform a tremendous role at Montpelier. Firstly, therefore, a huge thank you to those that so generously give their time. The money raised supports so much of our curriculum and keeps Montpelier head and shoulders above other schools in terms of provision. As public funding reduces we are more reliant than ever on the PTA but it is clear that too few parents are helping at present. Please give serious consideration to committing even a small amount of time to support the PTA as it will only survive with your involvement. In the meantime, we look forward to what will surely be another successful summer fete.

This final half term is no less busy than any other, with so many events outside the classroom taking place across the school. Already, we have enjoyed two excellent sports days and a Shakespeare production performed by Y4 pupils in a local theatre.