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Headteacher's News September 2017Download PDF

A better environment

Thanks to our business manager, Bridget Power and the site manager Matty Wojtczak, a number of improvements have been made across the school: 

  • New carpets along Year 1 and 2 (infant) corridor and  near the stairwell and welfare entrances on the lower floor
  • New flooring outside the infant toilets
  • New carpets along the upstairs corridor outside the Year 3 and 4 classrooms
  • 3 upstairs classrooms have been fitted with new carpets
  • Redecoration of all corridors, ceilings, doors and woodwork throughout the main building.
  • Complete redecoration of three classrooms.
  • Installation of acoustic boards for noise dampening in the upper and lower halls
  • Remodelling of the junior guided reading room to create a new an additional studio for instrumental lessons and small group intervention teaching
  • Re-modelling of small KS2 intervention room to ease congestion for children in the Year 4 corridor.
  • Installation of a new water supply and sink/work surface area in Art Room, in readiness for food technology (cookery lessons) provision.
  • A complete redesign of the Reception playground allowing for a cycle track, artificial grass area, mobile planters with trees and ‘the mud kitchen.’
  • Installation of hand-washing sink to service children’s activities in mud-kitchen.
  • New line markings of the football pitch and three short tennis courts on the junior playground
  • Completion of works to gate between Infant playground and passageway by the park to improve safety
  • Design and implementation of the BASICS and Building Learning Power artwork to the large wall along the main stairs at the front of the school.
  • Re-developing of derelict space by administration office into model railway, village and ‘mountain-scape’ between the Reception and Infant playgrounds
  • Installation of new shelving in library
  • Selection and installation of seven fine art pieces to enhance the environment and to raise children’s interest.

Sadly, the diseased Lime tree in the junior playground had to be removed over the summer as it was deemed to be dangerous. The tree has been here even longer than me and it brought back many happy memories as it was taken down.

After a busy summer break at Montpelier, the new academic year has started brightly and positively. We welcomed new parents, staff and children, most notably in the Reception and Nursery classes where many families have started a journey through school life that will hopefully be fruitful, invigorating and successful. There have been a number of changes in the school building, all aimed at further enhancing what is already a bright and stimulating learning environment. As always, we start the school year with the singular focus of endeavouring to ensure our children experience the best education possible, underpinned by academic, personal and emotional development.