The office will be closed for the Summer holiday from 12pm on Tuesday 23rd July to Monday 2nd September, 2019

Children are due to return to school for the Autumn Term on Tuesday 3rd September, 2019

Headteacher's Newsletter 10th March 2014Issue 8Download PDF

Safety Alert For Children Before And After School

We have noticed a growing number of children who are being left at the school gate or in the park before 8.40. If you need to do this, please consider using the FFS Breakfast Club.

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Downloading Apps and Parental Vigilance

A few children in Year 6 have alerted us to an app that requests their personal information such as names and addresses.. The children know this is unsafe but wanted us to communicate this more widely.

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Finally the rain has ceased and the possibility of sunshine is upon us. Whilst this is a short term it will be a busy one and we look forward to everybody's participation in school life.