School closed for Easter Holiday - Thursday 1st April - Friday 16th April

 Children return to school for the Summer Term on Monday 19th April.

Headteacher's Newsletter 11th October 2013Issue 3Download PDF

We are moving forward with new ideas for learning, ensuring that our children have great opportunities in the classroom, in music and through sport.

Instrumental Music Lessons

This year, we have made some significant changes to our provision for instrumental tuition. During the past few days we have placed our existing musicians into new classes. Now we want to go further.

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Residential Trips

Work is underway to plan this academic year's residential trips to the Isle of Wight and France.

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Every parent and carer is welcome to the first PTA meeting of the year. The meeting will start at 7.00pm and should last no later than 8.30. Please do try to attend. 

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Dangerous Parking and Westmoreland Place

Increasing concerns about dangerous parking are being raised with the school.

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The Junior Banks

We recently held our official opening ceremony of the banks, led by the Chair of Governors Mrs Shawley, on Wednesday 2nd October (see the Twitter feed).

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Curriculum Evenings

Thank you for attending these evenings over the past few days.

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Thinking about others - Foodbank Collection

Your kind donations during the Harvest period were gratefully received by the Ealing Foodbank. Below is a letter from their steering group. My thanks to Ms Maton for organising and inspiring such a worthwhile local cause.

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Late Collection of Children

A higher than usual number of children continue to be collected late at the end of the day. 

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We endeavour to include parents and carers in their children's education wherever possible.

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