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Headteacher's Newsletter 30th June 2014Issue 12Download PDF

Cyber Bullying and Harrassment

Modern technology brings with it new challenges to address, and the need for education for all age groups. Please check (regularly) what your child may be viewing on a mobile device (a phone, ipad / tablet or laptop) and through internet enabled televisions. If your child is using a networking app such as "What's App" - or text messaging - it is appropriate to check this to ensure what is being written or received is suitable. There must be a balance between respecting children's privacy and ensuring that parents are comfortable with what their children may be writing. Modelling of appropriate internet behaviour is a great way to show children what may be harmful or not. From time to time this year, a very small number of parents have circulated unpleasant messages and copied them (cc) to a  wide audience, resulting in others either becoming upset or irritated. In some cases, children in school have been aware this has happened and commented upon it. It is important that everybody continually reinforces the harm that can be caused when powerful communication tools are misused.

After a hugely successful sumer fete last week, we have enjoyed a week of sports day events and greeted our year 6 pupils following their return from a residential trip to France.