The office will be closed for the Summer holiday from 12pm on Tuesday 21st July to Tuesday 1st September, 2020

Children are due to return to school for the Autumn Term on Wednesday 2nd September, 2020

Headteacher's Newsletter 30th June 2014Issue 12Download PDF

Reminders to your children

Recently, a child fell and injured itself on the pavement after school. A van pulled up and the driver offered to take the child home. The child accepted the lift and, on this occasion, all turned out well. We have explained it was the wrong choice to make because of the potential risk. Please discuss different scenarios to your child, particularly where their judgement may be affected by unexpected incidents, on their journey to or from school.

After a hugely successful sumer fete last week, we have enjoyed a week of sports day events and greeted our year 6 pupils following their return from a residential trip to France.