Head teacher's News 12th June 20154Download PDF

Parent Surveys and the MLE (Fronter)

Your views in helping us shape what we do in school are very important. As you may know, we will stop using the MLE Fronter website at the end of this term because the accessibility and user issues have not been resolved. The school has now commissioned a new and exciting service that is currently being planned and we hope to be able to launch this in the autumn term. You will soon be asked a series of questions in the form of an online survey about the types of things you might feel would be useful to have on this new site. Please do complete and submit this survey when it is emailed to you because your views on this issue are extremely important to us.

In addition, you will also be asked to complete a short annual survey so that we can get an idea of your views about the school, what it does and how well you feel it is run.

For staff, parents and children alike this has been a very busy term. Our children have been completing end of year tests and assessments and we are preparing for new children to start in Reception in September. We are also thinking about our Year 6 children who are preparing to start the next stage of their education at a wide range of high schools. But for this weekend, we are looking forward to the annual PTA Summer Fete with excitement and anticipation.