Head Teacher's News 15th October 20142Download PDF


On Monday I was delighted to be able to announce the winners of the Enabling Enterprise competition for junior children. I also thanked every child who participated in the competition because the quality of all entries was very high.

The winners are :

Year 6: Amina, Teo, Clara, Andre, Alyssa

Year 5: Thomas Herran, Lara Mitchell, Asmeeta, Grace, Louis, Anubhav 

Year 4: Sophie, Joanne, Andre, Marriam, Alex, Nawar, Marta, Rashayne, Adam

These children will participate in a day long project with the Royal Babk of Scotland and some of the entries are due to be displayed in the foyer next term.

In this newsletter we focus upon important safety matters, our forthcoming  International Week, events for parents & carers and news about our recent Enabling Enterprise competition. We would also be very grateful if you could complete the brief online survey about food and eating habits within this edition.