Head teacher's News 18th September 2015Download PDF

Why Are The Infant and Junior Playgrounds Closed Off From Each Other In The Mornings?

Quite simply, keeping the playgrounds separate means that children are safe. Years ago, younger children could wander from one playground to another caused concern to parents. Furthermore, there were regular incidents of latecomers running to classroom doors and disturbing the start of lessons. On one occasion a parent accidentally collided with a buggy that was carrying a very young child. The arrangements in place allow for a calmer and safer start to the day. The gates are opened at 8.40 and are supervised, allowing children to be left in one playground whilst parents and carers escort siblings to the other playground. We can open all the gates at the end of the day because we release infant and Reception children directly to an adult, and junior children can make their way to the quickest exit point.

Welcome back after what I hope was a refreshing summer break. Our staff have been working hard to get the school off to a super start despite building works that caused so many classrooms to be closed for the whole summer. As always, it was a real pleasure to see a school full of smiling faces and the children’s enthusiasm gave everybody a lift on the first day. We have some exciting initiatives that are planned for this year that will further improve the already high quality of education at Montpelier…....more on this in the coming weeks. We are also pleased to have new staff in the school and I know that our parent/carer community will extend a warm welcome to each and every one of them. Finally, congratulations to Mr Tomlinson on his recent wedding and also to our deputy Mrs Bracken (formerly Ms Walker) on her marriage over the summer.