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Parent Consultation Meetings

It was a pleasure to see so many parents in school this evening and we look forward to seeing more of you tomorrow. Two recurring themes that we have noted are around reading and the use of technology at home. In regards to reading, parents of infant children should be spending 10 minutes a day reading at home as a minimum. For older children, this should be longer and there is no good reason why even the eldest children can’t read aloud at least twice a week. We strongly advise that children should not be looking at tablets / iPad / laptops / tv screens before bedtime. This particularly applies to junior children, notably those in years 5 and 6, many whom frequently arrive at school looking tired. There is plenty of information now that suggests looking at screens before bedtime causes disturbed sleep patterns. Adults will make their own choices in this regard but, for primary aged children firmer guidance appears to be necessary in some cases.

As we reach the end of the first spring half-term, staff have worked hard to ensure our children have been able to secure a good level of progress. The commitment of teaching, support and administrative staff, combined with the enthusiasm and resilience of our children, means that Montpelier continues to thrive throughout the year. At this mid-point of the academic year we begin a re-energised and sustained effort to meet the high expectations we have for all aspects of school life.