Tours of our school are currently on hold.

We are endeavouring to find a way in which the school can be shown to prospective parents. Further information regarding this will be made available via our website later in the Autumn term 2021.


Headteacher's News June 2016Download PDF

This final half term is no less busy than any other, with so many events outside the classroom taking place across the school. Already, we have enjoyed two excellent sports days and a Shakespeare production performed by Y4 pupils in a local theatre.

Testing times

Tests have been taken in Years 1, 2 and 6 this year. I would like to acknowledge parental support for ensuring these ran smoothly. 

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The weather keeps changing

The weather keeps changing and we seem to be jumping across seasons at present. 

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If you are planning to leave us

If you are planning to leave us during the summer holiday, perhaps to move abroad or out of Ealing, please let us know in advance in order to help us with planning. 

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Concerns from local residents

Concerns from local residents have been raised about parents parking across driveways and children damaging flowers in Montpelier Park. 

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The start and end of the day

Punctual arrival in the mornings, and collection at 3.15 is essential to the smooth running of the school. 

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The PTA Summer Fete

The PTA Summer Fete remains the highlight of the school calendar. 

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The Administration Team

The Administration Team has been short staffed this term because of a long period of jury service. 

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