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Year 5 History

Year 5 have been enjoying their unit of work on ‘The Victorians’, especially in the lead up to our visit to Osborne House on the Isle of Wight. Students have been particularly intrigued by our research into the school (and work) life of Victorian children in the 1900s. Most students were also shocked to learn about the brutality that teachers showed towards students in the past. Thank goodness for progress!

This newsletter provides a good overview of the wide range of curricular activities that have taken place during the past few weeks. Even more information is available at https://twitter.com/Montpelier_Sch where you can see photographs of school life. I have drawn attention to the importance of viewing school assemblies and performance as community events and the role that can be played in supporting us at such times. There is important information about absence before and after school holidays as a change has been made to the school’s attendance policy. My thanks to our administrative, support, teaching and leadership teams for making sure that children here have had a fun and informative few weeks. I would like to wish everybody in the Montpelier School community a happy Easter holiday and look forward to seeing you again in April.