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PTA Summer Fete

Well done to Sarina (AM nursery), Grace (Yellow Class), Mia (1CH), Marika (2MB), Olivia (3AG), Georgia (4IR), Maren (5BK) and Louise (6GP) for being selected as poster winners to promote this year’s PTA summer fete. Excitement is starting to build up amongst the children for the big day, Saturday 1st July, 12-4pm. More information is available here. We look forward to seeing every one there.

This half term has been dominated by our annual residential trip, end of year tests and a variety of exciting events in school. I never cease to be astounded by the energy and enthusiasm of our teachers and support staff on a daily basis, all contributing to making children’s experiences here so fulfilling. In addition, our leadership team and governing body strives to ensure that Montpelier maintains its profile as one of the most sought-after schools in West London. Discussions with children, parents and staff, combined with research and observations, help to shape our decision making each year. Recent renewed concerns about safety have also been at the forefront of everybody’s minds and we are actively reviewing both our curriculum and our school procedures in this regard. Safety will always come first, but supporting everybody’s understanding of the world around us also plays a key part in developing healthy minds, hearts and attitudes. Wishing everybody a happy half term break.