Tours of our school are currently on hold.

We are endeavouring to find a way in which the school can be shown to prospective parents. Further information regarding this will be made available via our website later in the Autumn term 2021.


Headteacher's News September 2017Download PDF

Looking forward..

Most school information will be sent to you in the form of emails and text messages so that you are aware of anything that may be coming up this term. Please do use the school website as often as possible to check for important dates.

Beyond lessons and meetings, the school ran 700 events during last year. In order to continue being an ambitious school, it is important that everybody keeps an eye on what is happening. The business and senior teams work extremely hard to keep the school running at such a high level and we are reliant upon your support to enable us to do this by using the website and checking emails whenever they are received.

After a busy summer break at Montpelier, the new academic year has started brightly and positively. We welcomed new parents, staff and children, most notably in the Reception and Nursery classes where many families have started a journey through school life that will hopefully be fruitful, invigorating and successful. There have been a number of changes in the school building, all aimed at further enhancing what is already a bright and stimulating learning environment. As always, we start the school year with the singular focus of endeavouring to ensure our children experience the best education possible, underpinned by academic, personal and emotional development.