Headteacher's News September 2017Download PDF


Following on from last term, please remember that other than lunches, we cannot guarantee that items brought in late – pencil cases, instruments, PE kits, coats etc. – will be delivered to classrooms in time for lessons. Last year, between 8 and 10 hours a week were spent by staff taking these items. Because our revised security arrangements (following incidents in London and Manchester this year) mean that the front desk can never be left unattended, it will not be possible to ask other staff who will otherwise be involved in teaching or supervision activities. It is important that the number of unnecessary visits to the school office is reduced significantly this year and I thank you in advance for your help with our work to keep the school site safe and secure.

After a busy summer break at Montpelier, the new academic year has started brightly and positively. We welcomed new parents, staff and children, most notably in the Reception and Nursery classes where many families have started a journey through school life that will hopefully be fruitful, invigorating and successful. There have been a number of changes in the school building, all aimed at further enhancing what is already a bright and stimulating learning environment. As always, we start the school year with the singular focus of endeavouring to ensure our children experience the best education possible, underpinned by academic, personal and emotional development.