Headteacher's Newsletter 10th February 2014Issue 7Download PDF

Improving Communication

By half term we will cease to use ParentMail as a means of communicating with parents and carers, and replace this service with SchoolComms. Using the new system means that parents can be registered automatically and contact information already given to the school can be seamlessly integrated into the email and texting services. The system comes with its own app (more details to follow) meaning that we can send texts via 3G where possible and reduce overall costs. This week you will receive this newsletter firstly via ParentMail, and then through SchoolComms. You will also receive a separate test email from the PTA.

February sees the remodelling of the entrance to our school creating an area that is more comfortable for parents and visitors, and more secure for children and staff. We have been meeting parents in the crucial run up to tests in May and continue planning a revitalised curriculum for the new academic year.