Headteacher's Newsletter 14th January 2013Issue 6Download PDF

Nuisance Parking

Periodically I check the traffic flow on Mount Avenue and Montpelier Road. Recently, we have requested the zebra crossing

Nuisance Parking

 on Montpelier Road be repainted and have seen the installation of new features on Mount Avenue - the most recent being posts on the corner of Brentham Way in order to prevent dangerous U - turns. 

Today the flow of traffic was reasonable until 8.50am. From that point Mount Avenue became blocked in both directions due to a car being illegally parked. The ensuing line of traffic made crossing Mount Avenue more dangerous, as cars were driven into spaces somewhat erratically in order to avoid getting stuck. This type of parking is a nuisance and I would be grateful if it is not repeated.

A Happy New Year to our children, families and staff!

We start the calendar year in the midst of an exciting academic one. Last term finished with some exceptional children's performances - six in total - attended by hundreds of parents and family members. The enthusiastic turn out for each show demonstrated the level of support that Montpelier enjoys.